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Next day morning the sunlight shines trought the window in her room and fills up the place with warm light. She wakes up and looks around. Another day here..but now...she feels that she cant spend more time in this dumpplace.....

She asked the guards if she COULD go to  her "loved" brother. After a short thinking they accepted it.
After 1 hour Herobrine was standing towards Herobri in throne room . She  is  holding a  diamond scythe and it doesnt look like she is there just for a friendly battle.
"Lets make a deal...."she starts "lets fight and if I win I can go away...but If I lose gonna stay here and do what you want me to"
"Chalenge accepted" He sayes with a big grin on his face.
The room get colder again. The guards goes away to let them be alone.Herobri points with the scythe at him. You gonna cry for mercy when im done with you! She runs towards him and swings her scythe at him. He dodges easily. When he get a chance, he catch her arm and breaks it. The bonebreaking sound echos in the ungodly sized room.
She steps back holding her arm. She looks at him.
" this is it? Breaking my bones until I doesn't give up?...heh...I expected more." Her eyes starts to shine inpasibly bright . Suddenly the room fills up with shadows.
The only thing what Hero could see its a pair of white eyes shining in darkness.
She catch him from behind and makes a wide, deep scar on his back.Trows him to the ground. A loud pain scream echos in the room. "....I expected something like this from you....its a shame that you let me doesnt even try"She puts the edge of the scythe near his neck and she can't decide : kill him or not.

To be continue....
There it is ! 4 iches and she can get his weapons and get a revenge .

Suddenly she feels a cold hand on her shouldier. It was the guard. He catch her and leads her back to her room.
" the sir gived us a command to keep you in your room princess"
" the princess of the Nether Im giving  you a comand to let me go!"
The guard couldn't keep himself from laughting. Her eyes widen. She wasn't expecting this from her beloved servants.
They lock her in her room and takes their position next to the door. They are standing there like 2 obsidian statues .
Meanwile... Herobrine clens his wound and tryes to open his wounded eye. Nothing. He sees nothing just a dark endless void on his right eye. He sits dow comfused on his throne thinking what should he do now with her.

-time skips 3 hours-

He gives a command to one of the servants to bring Herobri down from her room for the dinner.
He is sitting next to the oak table in his purpure royal uniform. The servants puts down on the table several types of food prepared for them. They sre the only one in the whole kingdom who could have this food. The normal people in this coutry couldnt have fancy food just some cheap food what they stole or they have nothing.
After some minutes Herobri walks in the room in beautifull, diamond blue dress ornamented with silver details around her waist. This dreas gives her elegance.
She sits down on her place next to the table with out saying anything or even looking on Hero. She slowly starts to eat.
" are looking so beautifull...." he sayes.
No answer. She is ignoring Hero's talking.
After a short time Hero asks : " why are you not talking to me? Is there something wron-" "Why ? Why would I be sad ? What could be wrong? " she cut him of.
" sister....You need to know that im just doing the best for you...."
"If its like this then can you do the second best thing for me?"
"As I expected" she sayes with upset voice."you only cares about yourself...."
She stands up and walks out from the room. She turns her head back. " this fight isnt over now....I will show you....just wait for it....'brother' ". She sayes and walks out from the room.

To be continue...
She steps backwards. She feels anger in her sibling voice. His scythe starts to shine in mat purpure colour what reminds the last corners of universe.
Herobri feels a dark aura coming out from his powerfull weapon. Its a power of darkness pulled behind the lines of master level. His greatest power.
After a second after a short thinking she takes up her fight pose keeping her scythe ready to fight or block.
Suddenly she roar and attack hero. Hero dodges.She manage just to make a tiny scar on his face. He catch her neck and trows her in the ground. Silence pain tears....nothing. she is just smiling widenly with bleeding mounth.
When she have a chance she catch her pocketknife and cut hero's right eye. For 3 long second the room fills with a loud pain scream. Hero fastly covers his eyes to stop bleeding. He widenly grins. "You.....IDIOT!!"
Her eyes extremly widens. She wasn't expected this. Calling her idiot? What is he planning?
Hero takes of his hand from his eyes showing a deep wound trought his eye. Its bleeding a lot and maybe he will not see on that eye anymore.Blooddrops slowly drift down on his cheek. He wipes away the blood. " forced me to do this......GUARDS!!!!!"
Suddenly two guards appears in the room.
"Take her to her room...and make sure that she will nwver agaib see the overworld!"
"NO!!!!!"  She yells "NO PLEASE NO!!"
The guards catch both of her hands leading her out from the throne room.On the way to her room she makes several tries to escape but she fails.The hallway fills up with her screams and yells. Then she manage to cut one of the guard's arm and make him let her go. She instantly starts to run in abnormal speed trought the hallway. She heads straight to the room with armour and weapons. She got a plan. A REALY dangerous plan

To be continue.....


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